Miniature Wright Taliesin West “Origami” Chair
Miniature 'Origami' Chair
Frank Lloyd Wright's 1949 Taliesin West "Origami” Chair, one of the most coveted of his furniture designs, was designed as if it was folded from a sheet of plywood. 

Designed by Wright for his own residence at Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona, this unique and ergonomically comfortable upholstered armchair was designed to be fabricated from a single sheet of 4 foot x 8 foot laminated plywood. 

The chair utilizes multiple geometric shapes including trapezoid interior/exterior side panels and 60 degree triangular shapes for the arms and legs and copper sheet at floor rests.

Miniature 'Origami' Chair
Materials include (interior and exterior grade) cherry veneer plywood and fabric upholstered cushions; copper foot guards.

The full-size Taliesin West “Origami” chair design was licensed to Cassina and was produced until the late 1990’s.

Along with Wright’s Barrel chair, Vitra introduced a miniature version of the Taliesin West “Origami” chair in early 2009. It was the 122nd miniature to be added to the Collection.

The 1:6 scale Taliesin West chair can be found on in the 1945 – 1970 section.

Vitra article number: 20 2569 01

Dimensions: L/H/W:   128mm/155mm/153mm

For an interesting 360 degree 3D version of the Origami Chair and its construction see:



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